Andrea Kayal on Marketo, Yesware and Optimizely

Andrea Kayal

Andrea Kayal
CMO at SignPost

Andrea Kayal CMO at SignPost shares how her team uses:

Chief Marketing Officer Stack Breakdown:

  • Signpost is a 300+ person company selling CRM/marketing automation to businesses with a local presence (from SMB to enterprise).
  • They're primarily outbound (90 sales reps) with localized reps and are moving to a more inbound model.
  • Our screen share goes into how Andrea's 5-person marketing team uses Marketo, Yesware and Optimizely.
  • Due to price and functionality Andrea's team decided on Yesware over Marketo Sales Insights (6ish months ago) and are moving from Optimizely to Marketo RTP (16:07) to keep their database in sync.

(Special thanks to Ignacio Alvarez for the intro).