Beily Pan on G-Connector, Leandata & Confluence

Beily Pan

Beily Pan
Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Splash

Beily Pan Director of Sales Operations & Strategy at Splash shares how her team uses:

Sales Operations Stack Highlights:

  • Splash sells an event marketing SaaS with a ideal customer of Fortune 1000 companies (500+ employees).
  • Their team is currently 11 AE with 7 SDRs which has grown from just 6 AE's a year ago.
  • Beily uses Zoominfo, LeadIQ, DiscoverOrg to find contacts. Other tech include SalesForce, Marketo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • G-Connector for SalesForce (6:53) is an add-on to Google Drive that refreshes every hour (or manually). We walk through a variety of custom reports and formulas she's developed to get a view of daily activity and KPI performance.


  • LeanData (15:14) for account-based sales & marketing lead routing. We go into the reasoning behind the flow Beily's set up to help her sales team that ensures proper assignment of ownership and how implementation looked like.


  • Confluence (22:45) for sales enablement and process documentation.


  • We also discuss Beily's (26:27) philosophy to evaluating tools based on usage and engagement.