How Adam Dewey uses and

Adam Dewey

Adam Dewey
Director of Sales at SalesLoft

Join this session with Adam Dewey Director of Sales at SaleLoft as he shares how he uses:

Director of Sales Stack Breakdown

  • Adam Dewey is Director of Sales on SaleLoft's Commercial team which targets <1,500 employee sales roles (VP/Manager/Ops) and manages a 8-rep team (3 full cycle AEs and 5 AE's supported by SDRs).
  • SalesLoft's Commercial SDR team is broken into inbound and increasingly outbound as they which work on a Round Robin style (In a previous interview, check out Sean Kester mentioning how SalesLoft uses Chili Piper to manage this).
  • Increasingly, SalesLoft's marketing team is focused on an ABM approach (as opposed to inbound).
  • Under the microscope today are (14:26) for sales call and demo coaching.


  • We also go into (6:32) which helps evaluate time spent on sales activities like calls, emails and meetings.


(Special thanks to Chris Orlob for the intro).