How Anne Fleshman uses Facebook, Zapier, & Autopilot

Anne Fleshman

Anne Fleshman
Director of Marketing, Demand Generation at Autopilot

AutoPilot is a marketing automation company that targets customers with large contact databases looking to automate repetitive tasks.

Autopilot's marketing team is 9 people which includes two on content/community, a web developer, designer and video producer.

For this stack share, Anne Fleshman of Autopilot shares how they're using:

Contact database size determines how leads are routed and they're focused on qualified free trial sign ups.

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Ad Manager

  • Used primarily for retargeting reactivation campaigns, but also useful for new user acquistion.
  • Example retargeting campaign: To people who've shown intent such as pricing or free trial sign ups, send them information on new feature releases
  • Example retargeting campaign: Paying customer look-a-like audiences.
  • One campaign that's working for Autopilot at less than $40 CPL is use of Dun & Bradstreet data within Facebook.
  • Although it feels like it'd only apply to B2C, Autopilot is anecdotally noticing Instagram leads to be a higher quality than the Facebook leads.
  • Autopilot's product is visual so GIF ads have appeared to perform the best.
  • Anne is experimenting wit Facebook lead gen ads to capture email address and follow up with them over email and using Zapier to add them into a retargeting campaign.
  • Other channels outside of Facebook Autopilot uses include Adwords, Business review sites (G2Crowd, Capterra).



  • Anne goes into the onboarding flow Autopilot uses which involves an email every 6-8 days. Once a person is engaged they get accelerated to paths with stronger calls to action in this order:
  • Tier 1 - Blog content
  • Tier 2 - Case studies and webinars
  • Tier 3 - Demo/meeting


  • The most useful reports used focus on top channels, landing pages, campaigns by revenue to help inform decisions on what's working and adjust investment for the following quarter.