Buying marketing automation in the next 6-12 months?

The Marketing Automation Buyer Spreadsheet

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A new way to buy software

If you're evaluating marketing automation SaaS in the next 12 months, you're probably dreading the upcoming research, demos and reference calls.

Inspired by Consumer Reports, we think we've created a better process to help you buy software where we:

  1. Do video interviews with a panel of domain experts
  2. Organize the data and features in one place
  3. Give you free access

Why organize it in a spreadsheet?

Rather than having to check multiple websites, a spreadsheet allows you to compare all your options in one place.

Marketing automation buyer spreadsheet

If you want to see exactly how a feature is implemented, this format allows you to drill into a cell for links to video and other reference data. It's not perfect, but it's a start.

This is cool, but why is it free?

We're keeping the spreadsheet free in exchange for your feedback. After you sign up, check your email for other ways to help out. Either way, your info 100% private and not shared with vendors.

Who's behind the spreadsheet?

Our initial expert panel includes marketing leadership like Dan Gaugler, Peter Borden, Andrea Kayal, Dave Gerhardt, Brad Hess and Eric Quanstrom.

At this point we've done 100+ video interviews with sales and marketing experts, which we share every week. Outside of recommendations from our community, we've also partnered with the Growth Marketing Conference to help identify experts to interview.

Can't you just tell me which tech I should chose?

Buying the right SaaS isn’t one-size-fits-all. To choose the right vendor, it's all about understanding your unique requirements like team, timeline, budget and goals.

The reality is you probably won't be 100% happy with any option. Our approach is simply to help you know what's available and hopefully avoid implementing the wrong solution.

Who's the spreadsheet made for?

It’s designed for growth B2B executives learning about marketing automation products like Drip, Intercom, HubSpot, Autopilot, Act-On, Ontraport, Marketo and Eloqua. If there's enough interest, we hope to cover additional vendors and categories like B2C, enterprise and SMB.

What features are analyzed?

We've selected ~150 features which broadly include: pricing, messaging automation, implementation, stability, segmentation, email editor, reporting & analysis, services & support, landing pages & email capture, integrations and product suite.

How is this different than a feature matrix or RFP?

The first problem with a feature matrix or RFP is you have to make one. More seriously, collecting information from a vendor – or any one source for that matter – gives you a biased view.

Are there limitations to your method?

Definitely. Our main bottleneck is expanding coverage with expert users. To get around this, we're collaborating with partners like Rodrigo Fuentes to host their own interviews.