VP of Sales Mike Cabot on SalesLoft, ZenIQ and Sales Navigator

Mike Cabot

Mike Cabot
VP of Sales at ZenIQ

Mike Cabot VP of Sales at 15-person ZenIQ shares insight into building their sale process using:

VP of Sales Stack Breakdown:

  • Mike was previously the VP of Sales at Infer. He's a fan of 1 SDR to 2 AEs model
  • His sales team is composed of 2 SDRs who are targeting 15 meetings per month (with Mike closing deals).
  • Mike think about their target customer as anyone who owns a database on the business side -- whether that's B2B marketers or sales ops. Companies are typically growth and mid-market companies using SalesForce and a marketing automation platform.
  • Mike previously used HubSpot Sales and Yesware before moving to SalesLoft which they moved to for broader functionality for the team. This helps them personalize each email before sending, so it doesn't come across as spam.
  • Mike is using ZenIQ to find leads who they haven't identified in their database.


  • Prospecting research is also done with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • An interesting point on inmail (39:15) is although you may not respond, it's hard to avoid not seeing the notification an inmail will make through the LinkedIn app.