Srihari Kumar, CEO at ZenIQ on Account Based Marketing

Srihari Kumar

Srihari Kumar
CEO & Co-Founder at ZenIQ

Srihari Kumar CEO and Co-Founder at ZenIQ shares insight into their approach toward Account-based marketing.

Interview Breakdown:

  • ZenIQ is small but growing, 15-employee company. This allows Srihari and the team to start with a modern account-based marketing approach without any legacy marketing programs.
  • Great discussion on handling the increase in outbound messaging (7:05). Rodrigo and Srihari go into how some companies have transitioned from email automation products usage to outreach tools like SalesLoft and Outreach.


  • ZenIQ is heavy on outbound with a funnel: (1) unique accounts touched by sales/marketing > (1) engagement > (2) opportunities.
  • Account engagement is measured in two dimensions (1) who is engaged or the primary buyer versus influencer and (2) what kind of engagement (email reply versus email click through). This is wrapped up into an account engagement score.
  • SDRs report to sales versus marketing to help better iterate on messaging.

Use this link to get to the interview with ZenIQ VP of Sales, Mike Cabot.